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New York Times Articles


Following are a number of my favorite pieces, mostly written during my tenure as a reporter for The New York Times. Some were silly subjects; others were heartbreaking endeavors that will follow me to my grave. As a working journalist, there was one particular quote by H.L. Mencken that stuck with me always which went to the root of what we do as members of the media: "A good reporter comforts the afflicted and afflicts the comfortable." That helped set the bar for many of us dedicated to the truth.

Bill to Arm Guards
at Malls is Debated

Essex Woman Made A Judge
Gravel Mine Plans Stir Up A Dispute
How Sentences Are Reduced
New Careers Found in Old Comic Books
Bridge Repairs a Losing Battle
New Jersey Journel 09-08-1984
New Jersey Journel 09-27-1986
McGuire Base Saluting Ace for Whom it's Named
  Q & A: Richard Matheson
An Influential Writer Returns to Fantasy

Recalling a World in Flames
Old Inn Stirs a New Dispute
Razing of Landmark House in Paramus Widens Bergen Rift
Resort Seeks Airport Tower
State House Pigeons Ruffle Feathers
Suicide Sparks Union County Jail Inquiry
Trump Withdrawal Laid to Impatience

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